I barely have enough sleep last night because I was worried with my DD. When I started feeding her with rice cereal afterwards she had these bumps around her mouth and chin like rash. And everytime I feed her it will become visible and become reddish. So after 4 days of feeding I stopped giving her the cereal and called the Ped. The rashes somewhat fades but the past 2 days I gave her again the cereal and the rashes came back. And now it's more worse than the last time. I kept trying the clinic for an appointment but the soonest is next week. That is what really sucks here in this post's hospital we have to call for appointment for everything. No walk-ins. Haayy, I hope these rashes will go away.



gwapasila said...

halo Bless, musta nah...hope no more rashes. TC

Bless said...

Hi Lutch! The rashes still there but not that worst...hope it will really fade away completely. Thanks.

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