Oh No I'm Going Bald!

....not literally though but I am just worried about my hair falling off like crazy. I mentioned that I got my hair cut. My hair after I gave birth was a little bit below my scapular bone after the cut it is now above shoulder length. I was thinking the hair loss will be minimized if I had it shorten but still I will get a lot of hair after I take a bath. I know it isn't normal anymore. I called my care provider but golly I can't make an earlier appointment than November. It really sucks. They said it is full for this month. I can get an appointment if somebody cancels theirs. They wanted me to keep calling. Are they serious?

I called the advising nurse about this and if they can give me additional vitamin supplement because I am also breastfeeding. She told me that I have to continue taking my Prenatals with Iron supplement and if it still persists I need to make an appointment. I called back because it is still the same but they can't give me sooner sked than Nov and we are moving. This means that I will see a doc when we move to another post next month.

This is what really sucks in this post's hospital. Everything should go by appointment no walk-ins. I was told I can go to the emergency room if I want to be seen immediately. But if I go there I will be seen as least priority and have to wait forever to be seen. I've been there before but it took us 6 long hours before we were called in. I don't want to go to that hassle again. Guess I'll just wait then and continue taking my vitamin supplement. And if I become bald, ako jud silang ipabarang (joke, hehehe)



geri said...

Don't worry Bless, I when Evan was around 4 months I noticed I was having receding hairline but they eventually grew back, they're about 2 1/2 inches now. I didn't have to take any extra vitamins. Our downstairs neighbour also had that, hers grew back too.

recel said...

oh Bless... i think it's a common thing for most women who recently gave birth. at least, that's what i was told by my sisters who went through the same thing. isang ate ko binigyan talaga ng doctor nya ng shampoo. i think an aloevara plant helps too. hehehe!

have a great sunday to u!!!

marie said...

Bless, don't worry, that's normal:)

Tess said...

normal ni Bless oy! ako gani hangtod karon hair there and everywhere pa rin drama ko sa buhay, wala na ning stop and i wonder why i still have hair, wala pa ko nakalbo, lol!

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