A Purple MINT

This past few months until now we are swamped with credit card offers in the mails. The APRs are too high and the fees and other charges are unimaginable so we are not in any least encouraged to apply for it. So why they keep on sending those mails when we don't reply to it? I just couldn't fathom the sense of it. Those are just wasted papers and eco hazards.

But anyways, I was trying to check online about credit card, what is good and what is not, I found the MINT credit card very intriguing. Aside from it's purple color website that made me more interested to browse the whole site, their offers are way better than those that we received in the mails. I haven't found any credit cards that offers such great benefits that will suit the lifestyle that you have.

Check this out, they have zero, I mean 0% on balance transfers (2.5% fee) until 1 December 2008; 0% on purchases until 1 May 2008; 0% bonus offer until 1 August on balance transfers debited to your account during February 2009 (2.5% fee). And they have typical 14.9% variable AP; no annual fee; online accessibility with online fraud protection; and a lot more features. This is a great credit card to have. If you will get one, check them first before falling the trap from other credit card offers.



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