We're Back!

and very tired. Our trip to NJ is only a warm up for our move to the west coast. Gosh, it was really a tiring and exhausting trip especially coming back here in GA. We were driving leaving NJ at 9am Sunday and thankfully got home 6am this morning (Monday). We stopped by Fayetville, North Carolina to see hubby's twin. It was her first time seeing our DD. Even though we know we will be home late but it was an opportunity to let the Aunt meet her niece while we are still here in the east coast.

Another factor for making the drive longer was stopping almost every rest area. Feeding and changing the baby is impossible while the car is running so we don't have a choice but to stop and hang out at the rest area or a 24hour convenience store a minimum of 30 minutes. I am so glad I am breastfeeding so I didn't worry of making DD formula.

Driving at night is a lot better with our experience since she's asleep most of the time. But during day time when she's mostly awake, she fussed. Don't want to stay in her car seat, don't want to be strapped in. Even the AC is on she still sweats out in her seat that is why she gets cranky. Man, it was one heck of a trip. I could swear I will not go through it again but knowing we have a big move coming up which will have us driving for 5 days I can only pray that I will have more patience and our DD will be mellowed. Fingers crossed.



marie said...

Oh that's good to know you're all back safe and sound. Welcome back!

Raquel said...

Welcome back madz! Grabe jud ka kapoy kung imong gi formula si DD. Kahinumdom lang ko inig naa mi long distance trip, maski di na angay mag overnight mi, mag motel nalang mi madz tungod naay bata para makapahulay pod sya.

Good luck sa inyong big move, maayo unta dili maghilak hilak si DD sa inyong byahe. WOW! For five days jud, kalooy ni hubby nimo.

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