Relocation Trip II - Nashville, TN to Scott AFB, IL

I slept late last night because I finished some tasks that needs to be done. I woke up around 8am and have to prepare because we have to keep going with our trip. We left Nashville at 11:15am. The rain was still pouring. I was telling hubby that California needs the rain not the Southeast.

We bought to-go at Mcdo because we don't have time to stay longer and I don't want to come out of the car because it was raining. Hubby drove slowly since the road is slippery. The truck even skidded a little bit. It was so tempting to take pictures of the scenic view but it was raining. I can see the foliage fall color that is really a great sight to see. We at last saw the sun shining when we were about 27 miles away from Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.

We arrived around 5:48pm and staying here at Scott's Inn for the night. Tomorrow we will continue the journey. We plan not to drive at night so whichever city we will be at 5pm then we have to check in a hotel for the night. My hope is that it is not raining tomorrow so I can do sightseeing and maybe taking pics.



recel said...

aw.. grabe inyo biyahe Bless ba.. tuyok ninyo ang america? hehehe!

i pray u have a safe trip till u reach ur destination. God bless the 3 of u! take care...

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