Relocation Trip III - Scott AFB, IL to St. Joseph, MO

We left Scott AFB, Il around 12noon. We woke up a little bit late, kind of taking our time. When we left the base it was windy but not raining so it was a good thing. I have the chance to sightsee. Scott AFB is near Missouri already. Just 30minutes of driving we were already entering at the border.

We passed by St. Louis, MO. When I saw the arch in St. Louis I was asking hubby to take a picture but then decided to continue driving because we are already behind with our predicted time. It was a very nice landmark. I am wondering how they constructed the arch.

With this trip, from St. Louis we headed to Kansas City, KS and then go north passing through Iowa and then entering again MO. We stopped by St. Joseph, MO for the night and stayed at Ramada Inn.

I really wanted to stop by every Welcome Center but it is daunting with a baby in tow. We stopped almost every rest area and to get gas and food. At the beginning of our daily trip we get supplies of drinks and some finger foods to munch along the way.



Midas said...

I love driving...and I like the welcome centers too. It's actually a great place to let children unwind...of course, when you have five, it ain't unwinding for the people there. :)

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