Vow Renewal

Hubby and I got married here in the US sans my family, not even one. My relatives from CA were not able to attend because our marriage took place in South Carolina eight days after I got here in the US. Only his relatives were able to witness our wedding. So we plan to renew our vow when we get to Philippines. He asked me to look for wedding bands that we are going to choose to replace the bands that we have right now. The new ring will hopefully start a tradition that we can pass on to our next generation. As to the renewal, it is for thanksgiving that we found each other as well as for my family in Philippines can witness our union and to continue a family tradition that my parents are present for all their children's weddings.



Trinity said...

Congratulations for your vow renewal Bless... that is a nice tradition you have!

Trinity from Rooms of
My Heart

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