Can't Upload Pictures

I have a hard time uploading our pictures here in mine or hubby's laptop because our connection is not that good. I got Shiloh's pictures during October 31st, halloween, as well as our sightseeing pictures. It is all in the camera and camcorder. Hopefully I will be able to upload everything and post her pictures. I will be able to post it late though but guess it's better late than never, eh? On the other hand, I have forwarded pictures from my cellphone to my email and saved it. Here is it below:
Taken inside the truck while waiting for Daddy who went inside the bank. She was looking outside watching the cleaners blow the leaves fallen on the ground. She's a little pink teddy bear.



Mimi said...

She is so cute!!!

Darlene said...

She is a cutie! She does looks like your husband a lot!

""rare jonRez"" said...

ahh... cutie smile of of shiloh! like it!!!

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