Digital Camera

One item in my wish list for this Christmas is a new digital camera. Hopefully a good one that I can take a good picture with. My digital camera right now is an old one and I am not really happy with it. I am looking for a good one that will get nice, quality and clear pictures. I love to take pictures. I love to capture the moments with my little daughter. Take the magic of the moments and keep it in memories through the photographs. Every milestones that she does everyday is really worth keeping for. But since I don't have a good one seems like my images being taken don't give justice to the real one.

That is why before the end of this year I am going to get a new digital camera. I surfed online and I found several that I like. I am confused with all the choices. I saw at the different digital cameras, SLRs and it's a lot. As today is cyber Monday it is a good time to get me one with free shipping. I like to have the Nikon D3 Digital SLR Camera. It is very neat with 12.1 mega pixels. I would love to have it. If ever I am already professional in photography I would love to have it for my camera.



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