Freeze IT

My husband told me that he has hip injury due to the physical training that they have while at boot camp. Ever since the muscle pain in her hip area and back is always sore. It keeps recurring. And now not only his hips and back become sore but also his calves when he does running and foot march. I told him to use Freeze It Gel. He was skeptical at first because he tried different kinds of gel but still it didn't work. The pain is still there and it really bothers him, he kept tossing and turning in bed.

When we purchased the Freeze It gel and applied it on his aching muscle he was really glad because the pain was relieved and he was able to sleep through the night and woke up without soreness. The discomfort of moving his extremities was gone after a good massage using Freeze It. Now everytime he comes home from a long day he would ask me to massage him with the Freeze It Gel. And when he go for physical training every morning he will apply gel to prevent soreness afterwards. It is really very effective. He likes the fact also that it is non-greasy. It will not stain and do not stick. He said he can't live now without Freeze It Gel. He don't want to feel the pain in his hip and back again.

I really need to stock Freeze It gel. Now that he has an impending deployment, I will tell him to bring some tubes so he can use it while he's away. I know he will face a very rigorous and muscular job being deployed. I definitely would recommend using Freeze It gel to ease back, shoulder, neck pain; muscular strains and sore muscles & muscle sprains. Try it now and forget the pain away.



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