Dental Expense

Yesterday hubby got off work early and we went out looking for a dentist. I needed an overhaul with my teeth. This dental work is long overdue. I always put it off. We are covered with our dental insurance but still the co-pay is very expensive. I needed one extraction and new dentures. I am wearing a 5 teeth denture plus a new addition hopefully. The last time in Georgia, the price quoted by my dentist less our insurance coverage is almost $700 just for one dental work - root canal and new crown (for a tooth). Golly it's more than enough as downpayment for a property in the Philippines. I didn't go for it yet because it is very expensive for me. And now hubby told me I need to have it done before he leaves for deployment. So we found one yesterday and tis afternoon I will have my first dental check. Hopefully everything will be alright. I will just close my eyes when we get the bill.



""rare jonRez"" said...

hay naku Bless! makabuang jud ning dental checkups and all diri oi! kami lagi, antus lang sa gamay. hulat taman makauli pinas! hahaha!

rehards dha!

Pinay WAHM said...

Hay naku Bless, I can relate with your dentist woes. A couple of years ago, the crown on my tooth broke so I had to have it replaced. I almost fainted when I was told it was going to cost $650. I thought they were going to put a diamond stud on the dang crown kasi sobrang mahal. Just like you I tried putting it off to find a cheaper dentist but to no avail. So I just swallowed hard and had it choice eh.

Anyway, hopefully the dentist would give you some break and give you some discount [highly doubtful though].

Goodluck to your hubby's deployment.

Take care...


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