Insurance for Kids

As parents have you thought of securing your kid's future? I believe it is a good idea to plan their future ahead at this time. There are many ways of securing their future, by getting an educational plan, medical or health insurance as well as life insurance for kids. While still young we should give them a head start in saving for an unforeseen event that will happen. By securing their future we will not worry when something happen to us. And it is also a good training for our kids about financial decision and tax-deferred savings. We are planning to get one for our daughter very soon while still at zero age. By the time she will be in college her policy will be matured and it can help in her education.



Norm said...

yah...educational plan can really helps a lot to our children especially when they are already in college. Hi bless! thanks for the visit and comment...I really appreciated it! tugnaw na kaayo no, hehehehe

Bless said...

Hello Norm! Yup it is very important for our kids future. Mao jud tugnaw na. Have a great weekend ahead!

Carmen said...

Yes, i cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure your children are covered under some type of insurance policy. there are many types to choose from educational, life, death, accidental death, savings. something should always be set aside for your child or children. i got a globe child insurance policy when my first child was born. and i got my second child added to that same policy. no worries now.

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