Thanksgiving Horoscope

Thanksgiving Horoscope for Taurus

You're the sign most likely to leave in disgust if your family starts fighting.

Your signature dish: Gravy

Your signature dessert: Apple pie

This holiday: Make sure to get your downtime, or else you'll be a grumpy bull!

What's Your Thanksgiving Horoscope?

What it says here is somewhat true. I really don't like fighting. I am a diplomatic person. I know that everything, altercation and the likes, is best to be settled in a nice and peaceful manner. For the dish, yeah I like gravy and for dessert I like apple pie. It's the one I bought Wednesday night for our dessert yesterday here at home.

How about you? What's your Thanksgiving Horoscope?



Ylan said...

Halu dira maam, kumusta man inyong thanksgiving? busug kaau? hehe!

Bless said...

Hello Maam Ylan, maayo gihapon. pirti jud busog hehehe.

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