Learning Another Language

I wanted to learn another language. My choices are French, Spanish, Nihonggo, Mandarin Chinese, Deutsch. Eversince I really am trying to. French as my first choice because I like hearing when somebody speaks the language. It sounds so difficult. I found a website that teaches French and I have difficulty in following because you pronounce it differently with how it spells. For me it needs for you to go to school and study the language formally. With Spanish I can understand its basic words because as Filipinos we have a lot of borrowed words from them. When I met my friend Y, who is a Japanese, she teaches me basic Japanese phrases and even lend me a book with English translation. The thing with, if you are not using the language often you will kind of forget it. But despite that I still wnt to learn another language someday.



Sarah said...

sis ako rin gusto ko matuto ng chinese kaso nung nag aaral ako ng chinese self study wala nmn akong mapractisan so i gave up spanish n lng atleast makakausap ko pa byenan ko

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