Stephen King's The Mist

I love to watch horror, suspense, thriller movies. I know that it is only a movie but I will still be startled and jumped at every scene. I am waiting for another suspense movie to come out this month, it is The Mist by Stephen King. I love to watch Stephen King's works. Not only I love watching his works in movies but also reading his novels. One of his work brought to the big screen is Firestarter which was in theater in 1985. Starred Drew Barrymore as Charlene McGee also called Charlie in the movie. She is a little girl that has a unique ability of creating a fireball or start a fire when being angered. The suspense comes in when the little girl was being separated from her father. Officials and researchers wants to get custody of her because they said she posed as a threat to anybody. She don't want to be separated by her Dad and at the same time very confused of the situation she was in. Until such time she was being abducted and was triggered more when her Dad died. Then she threw fireballs to those who are in her way. It was really a cool movie. I can't remember how many times I have watched it.

I bet that the movie The Mist by Stephen King will be a hit when it comes out on November 21st. I was watching the trailer and it is pretty cool and suspenseful. Stephen King never fails to evoke the terror on his viewers and readers. Everytime I read her novels I can't put it down because I don't want to stop the thrill. The same with his movies very thrilling and terror wrenching. If you like to watch suspense movies, check out Stephen King's trailer of The Mist and don't fail to watch it on big screen on the November 21st.



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