NYC CityPass for Gifts

Who wouldn’t love New York City? I was there once a year ago during Thanksgiving time and I wouldn’t mind going back there because I still have a lot of nice places that I haven’t been able to visit. My brothers-in-law and their families lives in New York City and they were very excited when we told them that we are going to visit them soon with our daughter this time.

Since getting around the Big Apple also means train rides, waiting in line to buy tickets, I was thinking of getting a New York CityPass as gifts for me and hubby. With the CityPass it will give us a hassle free entry to our chosen New York Attractions. We will have easy access to transportation and no waiting at the ticket line at the main entrance. Not only that, it will saves us money when using the CityPass.

Why I said that using New York CityPass is easy and saves us money? Because CityPass booklet contains tickets of NYC's favorite attractions. When you buy those tickets individually it will cost you a lot of money. But with CityPass it gives you 50% of the amount of those tickets combined. Isn’t it awesome? I am so excited now to go back and see Arts, Museums and Galleries. I wouldn’t mind going back on a trip on top of the Empire State Building Observatory and tour the Manhattan skyline. If you are in New York don’t skip to see this.

So for this holiday season, give your loveones an exciting gift, get New York CityPass and let them enjoy the beauty and grandeur of New York, let them experience the Broadway by not spending too much money. It is all in there, only in New York CityPass.



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