Got Paid by PPP!

Getting something for the first time gets me really excited. When I got approved by PayPerPost I was very excited to write my first entry. And patiently waiting for them to approve it. When they did I am even more happy because I proved to myself that I can make it. This morning when I opened my email I got a message that my payment was approved and was sent to the organization that I choose. Isn't it great?

I am telling you it is really that easy to join and earn. If you have a blog or you are fond of writing, make a blog now, get paid while letting your opinion or your thoughts be heard. Sign up for PPP earn money now! Hurry!



recel said...

karon pa ka kadawat sa imong first payment sa PPP bless? bag-o pa diay ka nag-join? just curious! pasensya na... hihihi

musta na? finally settled? regards lang...

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