Orlando Vacations

When we were in Georgia we already have Orlando vacations. I really love the place because of so many things to do. Many theme parks and beautiful sights to see. When we went there the first time we went to Universal Studio, Wonderworks, Ripley's and a lot more. We were there to meet the New Year in 2006. The next time we went there we went to Sea World and do some sightseeing again. When I got pregnant we were planning to go back again and do an Orlando vacation package for 4 days to see Disney World. But we both got busy until I gave birth that I think it will be hard for us to roam around with a little one. So we still have plans of going back to Orlando but that is when our baby is old enough to enjoy the sights and theme parks.



jethbell said...

Hi Bless,
Happy Thanksgiving to all of u. How's the baby? Sorry it took me forever to response. I can't seem to visit everyone except during the holidays. Will u be @ the mall Black Friday?

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