Submission Error and Auto Approved

Betcha by golly wow! For the last 3 days I have a hard time submitting my posts to IZEA's. Every time I submit an opportunity I will get an error message. The opp's that I took became expired because I was having a problem with submission. My webpage will show a syntax error on the status bar that is why when I copy my URL for my opportunity to be submitted it will not go through. I was grueling my dang time digging what scripts I need to change but to no avail. Until I called Merydith and SHE advised me to use Mozilla Firefox for my browser - Hallelujah! It went through! Thank you In! And when I submitted my task I can't be more happier when it got approved right away. That means I am now AUTO-APPROVED! I scuffled my email and there the message telling me that I am, though they still have to manually check it. Good enough for me. Thank you Pay Per Post!



Lolli said...

marengkay muzta naman diha! agi lang kew.

Bless said...

Hello mareng lolli! salamat sa pag agi agi...ingat buntit!

Merydith said...

It worked !!! Yehey!!! I have been meaning to ask you if it work. Maayo kay nisugot si bana. Samot jud kag kay negative 0 kay ni mention ka sa PPP hehehe. Bitaw ingon sila mo check ko no manually pero di naman siguro. Itching,itching lang gud na panghadlok.I am glad everything worked out na.

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