Unique Gift Items

With the coming of Christmas season we are looking for very special gifts for the special persons in our lives, like our family, relatives and friends. I am planning of giving cute gifts to my family this holiday. Gifts that will make them happy and has significance to their lives. I am looking all over, the shops, internet stores, at the malls. And I found at Vat19.com that they sells very unique gift items.

I have two items that I like the smencils - a gourmet scented pencils which I believe is perfect for my niece. She collects pens and pencils. This kind of pencil will be perfect for her additional collection. I also like the Oriental Rug Mousepad. It looks so cute and very perfect for my friend that has just redesign her office into an oriental theme. The mouse pad will look great in her computer desk. I can see them now beaming when they receive their gifts.



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