As a first time Mom everything that my baby is undergoing with is a wonderment and if it concerns to her health I can't help but be worried. A little warm when I feel her skin or forehead I will check her temp right away. Lately, she was drooling but not that much though, playing bubbles with her saliva and biting everything that she grabs on to. Then last night while we were having dinner at Sizzler I put her in her carrier and placed beside me in a booth. I was playing with her while waiting for our food. When I tried to tickle her neck she opened her mouth and then I saw the whitish tip on her lower gums. Wow her teeth is coming out. I am so excited. She didn't exhibit fussiness except when she's sleepy, hungry and wet so I hope it will always be like this when the rest will come out. No illness, no crying at night time and pray she will still be bubbly at all times.



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