Medical Assistant Training

I would say I really love to pursue a medical career. I am geared towards this field. Although I already have a degree in Biology but still I have to do more evaluations so I can practice my degree. And I am thinking if I will pursue another medical field it will be easier. So when we were still in Georgia I started to take classes that I can use for nursing degree and also medical assistant programs or even the coding and billing program. These are the programs that I believe will give me the chance to earn a decent income and also will give me satisfaction.

Since we move here in Washington I told my husband that I will look for schools that offers medical assistant training programs. I am thinking that if ever I will not qualify yet for the nursing program I will pursue my second option that is to follow a medical assistant careers. I was browsing online and checking what schools offers medical careers and I found schools that I will consider of going. I may have to check if they offer online classes for now. I have to do the online training first because I am still trying to acclimatize in our new environment. But I am trying to get into the program as soon as possible.



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