Shiloh @ 7 Months

Our DD is already 7 months and a week old. She's very alert baby now. She is enjoying her walker though she walk/push herself backwards. I am enjoying her now more because her responses is just wonderful. We had so much fun together. I love to tickle her because her gigles is very contagious. Her personality is showing more and more. She don't want to be alone. She easily get bored. When she's playing or in her walker and you pass by her she will raise her hands to be picked up. She is very predictable now as well. When she starts to be bubbly and cooing or making noise aloud the next thing to follow is her cranky cries meaning she's ready to go to sleep or nap. It is so much fun learning their moods and personality.

This pictures were taken this afternoon inside Daddy's truck. We were waiting for him. They have formation right across the building.



Merydith said...

She is big na jud. Si kiko kay mag kabat na unya sige lang kapakong kay akong butangan ug unlan sa pikas man sad noon mapakong.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

serious kaayo siya, unsa kaha iyang nakita, curious man kaayo

very cute...

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