Toothless No More

Yesterday I got my temporary partial and I got back my smile again. I have no teeth since Monday until late evening yesterday. I left my old partial at the dental clinic because they added another one to it. It is still temporary though because I will have a different one once I am finished with all my dental works. I have another appointment again this coming 21st. Instead at 3pm they moved it at 11am because they will do the filling and the cleaning and planing. I will stay at the clinic approximately 2.5 hours for that work. Then by January 2nd I will have another appointment again for getting an impression for the permanent denture. Huh! Just too many appointments. I can't wait to get it done.



NoVa said...

hirap non walang teeth huh... di ka comfy.... but its nice to know its totally back for good

i'll have a dentist appointment probably this weekend.. problem is i need financial for the whole renovation... hehehehe

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