When our DD was born I was thinking about supplementing her with vitamins. I remember with my nieces and nephews they were given vitamins by their Peds. But here in the US after our every appointments I was waiting if her Pedia will prescribe her of one but she wasn't. Until on her 4th month check I open up and ask her Pedia then he told me I can get one from over the counter. I was disappointed that he didn't give me an exact one. That means I will have to figure out by myself. I didn't like the idea. I was glad with the help of some friends and also from my Mom and sisters they told me to give her Polyvisol. When I called the Pedia I asked if it is okay to give it to her and he give me a go signal. So now I am giving it to her but our baby girl don't like it. I guess the awful taste and smell made her gag everytime I give it to her. Now when it's time for me to give the vitamin she will clamp her mouth and roll her head from side to side. I have to do the airplane trick so she will open her mouth :-)



Merydith said...

Si Frankie Bless kay ma excited kay he can recognize the bottle man. Then I give him the first half, then he squirms then another half. Ok ra man siya nag gag lang to siya one time because I gave him everything all together. Sos dagko na jud atong mga babies.

By the way busyness kaayo ko ganina uy. Wa jud noon ko kasuwat bisan usa mao wa ko ka answer sa imo tawag.

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