Grocery Shopping

Yes I did it this afternoon and it was raining. I have to buy diaper so I have to get out of the house even if it is raining and lagging our DD in her car seat to the car. It was my first time to go out and drive going to the store eversince hubby left. I was glad Shiloh was asleep so she wasn't complaining in her car seat.

Gladly I arrived Walmart without any glitch. It wasn't that far anyway from where we live. The traffic was still light since it was after lunch. I realized it was very difficult if you are shopping alone with baby in tow because I was pushing the stroller as well as the shopping cart. I brought the stroller in because it was raining so hard I don't want our DD wet. I forgot to bring the shopping bag with wheels that hubby bought for me before he left. It would have been easy.

When we arrived home I made two trips taking our groceries inside the apartment from the carport. First I have to take the diaper bag and some grocery bags and Shiloh in the car seat. The second trip I picked out Shiloh from the car seat and go back outside to bring in the rest of the groceries. I really wish our Daddy is here :-) I will be doing this and much more for 7 months.



Miriam Joy said...

That must be really hard for you especially that its raining. How I wish I was there so I can help you too. Hubby dropped us off at Walmart last Thursday while he was on a meeting. It was hard with Miriam also especially that she was so sleepy and cranky hehehe...she don't want to stay in the shopping cart because she wants to roam around the store and push the cart. was so perfect when hubby came and we're about to check out. Anyway, I am so glad you were able to manage everything without your hubby. If you need extra help, pls dont hesitate to call me. Take care always. God bless you!!! Before I forgot, if you are a Costco member, you can buy a huge box of diaper there.

Merydith said...

Hang in there lang Bless. I-butang naman ni namong usa sa cart kay samokan si ryan sa iyang stroller. Di ra man sad maglihok. Gipandungan lang nako tong nag-uwan kausa. Favorite baya nako mag shopping ni kiko alone kong ma summer lang noon.

geri said...

Pretty soon you will find a system that will work for you and make you a very efficient mama. I never go shopping with my husband because I enjoy it doing by myself and Evan (and I don't feel I have to rush or anything too) that's why grocery shopping alone has never been a problem for me (been doing it since Evan was a few days old). The bag with wheels is a good idea esp when Shiloh starts walking and you can ask her to help you pull it. That's what Evan does now, so cute!

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