Military Relocation

Being a military wife I already endured more than one military relocation. They call it in the service as PCS or Permanent Change of Station. It is very daunting honestly. It is hard for me to establish roots especially in work and having friends. I guess it is part of the sacrifice that we have to do to support our beloved soldier. Eversince we relocated from station to another we don't live on post. We are using the Basic Allowance for Housing, BAH, to pay for our rent and utilities. In a sense it is a good thing but this time we are trying to look for our place. Hopefully, with God's guidance and help, we will be able to find one that we will call our home.



Tess said...

it must be hard Bless no pero u also enjoy more benefits than an ordinary citizen has. I really salute to those in the service like ur husband, to me they are heroes! Take care of yourself Bless and kiss your cutie shiloh for me. God bless!

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