Having a baby made you multi-task most of the time. I believe I now mastered the art of doing many things at one time. I didn't know I can do it but actually I did. Like for example I was able to knocked down cooking, watching our daughter, laundry, cleaning while talking to hubby on the phone. Sometimes while playing with her I also do the dishes and put it away afterwards. When I take my shower I have to bring her inside the bathroom and play peek-a-boo with her. When I am feeding her I also grab me something to eat so we are both eating. It sounds so complicated but I get used to it. You can adjust accordingly especially when it is already a routine for you.



recel said...

na sakto jud Bless. i do the same thing too. kung magluto si triz moadto sa kitchen dad-on iyang mga toys. pero kung magprito ko, mag wonder sya sa tingog s aoil ug mga lamas, pastlan magpakugos kay motan-aw ug unsa ako gibuhat. apiki lagi.. pero multi-tasker man jud ta ani.. saon nalang! :)

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