Net Audio Ads

Have you heard about Net Audio Ads? Net Audio Ads popularized another form of advertising that is termed as Pay Per Play. This is another form of advertising wherein an audible advertisement be placed in your website. In return as website owner you will also earn a revenue. You can earn 100% of your traffic and it requires no click. As long as the ad is being played in your site you will get a return. The ad is played up to 5 seconds in your website. Everytime your site is being visited and the ad play up to 5 seconds you will earn money.

Right now Net Audio Ads is offering an affiliate program that will end this coming February 1, 2008 wherein all those who have website either free hosting or own domain can sign up for free and you can start earning. After February 1st all those who have already signed up can continue earning and they require new affiliates to have their own site to apply. This is a good source of residual income just like any paid advertising in your site. They paid on three tiers, earn off your websites once the audio ad is placed, earn when you refer to sign up, great commission, and you get paid on a weekly basis. This is a neat idea of advertising. Another breakthrough in technology and it would be fun if you participate in this kind of technology development. So join now and start earning.



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