Shiloh's Playtime Picture #4

We made sure to have playtime with our DD everyday. Hubby and me spend time with her playing and talking to her. Below are pictures of us having a good time playing with Shiloh.

She is sitting alone playing with her toys while I am talking to her at the back.

Daddy and Shiloh in their crawling game.

These pictures were taken last December. While Daddy is away I always show this picture to her so she will remember good times with her Daddy.



Raquel said...

Madz, makahilak man pod kog tan-aw sa ilang duha oi. Dili sayon malayo si baby Shiloh sa iyang Daddy. Cute kau silang duha, kamang-kamang man jud.

JO said...

the crawling dad and daughter is a nice photo shoot!

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