These two awards came from a dear friend Norms. I am grateful for this wonderful recognition and in return I am going to pass this to my friends Julianna, Tess, In-in, Ritchelle, Recel, Summer, Darlene, Babette and Lutchi.

Love Award

The Amazing Award.

To my friends whom I forwarded this awards, thank you for your time visiting my blog and leaving messages and comments. Hope you will continue to hop and visit my site. God bless and enjoy the awards.



Babette said...

Thanks for the awards Bless! It's a nice feeling to get these kinds of awards from friends. :)

Ritchiela said...

thanks Bless,will post this to that blog soon...

Happy Saturday!

Tess said...

ty for these awards Bless, i appreciate it so much, enjoy the rest of ur weekend and have a great week ahead! TC!

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