Bronzed Your Baby's Shoes

As parents we are very fond of making keepsakes and keeping mementos of our children. We even keep everything that will remind us of events that happened to their life from the time they are born until they get old. We get pictures and keep all the things that they use or have first. And do you know that even their first shoes you can not only keep it but also bronzed it for preservation? It is a retro method I would say, making the old becomes new as in bronze keepsakes. So then you will not just keep your first baby shoe's in the closet you can have it bronzed and then display it in your house. It is a very neat idea.

At they are a bronzing company that accepts to bronze your favorite items. They customize it for you according to your liking. I am thinking of having my baby's first shoes bronzed. The price is very affordable and the result is priceless. I see that they have a promotional internet price for only $39.95 and if you add personalized text there is $7 additional. It is really a fair price. By doing this you can keep the memory of your baby's first step forever. Try it now!



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