Congratulations to my Nieces!!!

I am very happy to hear the good news that my niece Sheena (left) passed the Nursing Licensure Exam in the Philippines that she took in December 2007. I am glad that her hard work paid off. Now she can start her career and my wish and prayer that she will be successful and fulfill her dreams.

Karen (right), also my niece, is already a Registered Nurse. She passed the Exam they took in May.

Congratulations and I am so proud to both of you! Love you both!



Norm said...

wow! congrats nga pala sa niece mo bless! registered nurse na cya, galing naman..

My World said...

Congrats to your nieces Bless. How are you na with the little one? Hope everything's okay. Take Care!


anaps said...

Hi Bless, hopping lang ko. Hoy, ang ganda ng niece mo ha. Great smile, gaya sa Auntie, of course, good looking people kayo. Ok ah, agi lang ko. Tc! Hugs sa baby, active na siya at 9M, ganon talaga, they fall easily then. Our baby is like that katkat on the table pa gani, fell many times na, grabe.

TiOheM said...

My niece passed too. Congratulations to your nieces and all passers.

Ritchiela said...

WOW Bless mga bright jud na imong mga pamangkin jud...grabehhhhhh.

Mag nurse lagi pod ta ko.Ambot asa ko sugod,hikhik

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