Shiloh's Playtime Picture #8

I was trying to block the alley with her walker but she is able to push the walker and pass at the sides. I am always following her around because I can't afford for her to fall again. I know I should not be over protective but I can't help it. My heart skips a mile when she stands up and fall butt first.

Look at the hair :-) It's all over the place hehehe. She has a soft big curls but very thin hair. She was caught off guard when I called her to take the picture. She was about to stand up holding on to her exersaucer. She prefers to be outside now rather than put inside it.



Lorie said...

Hi Bless, you're baby's picture is so cute. My hair is also curly at siguro ganyang din ang magiging anak ko hehehehe!

Anyway, I'm just giving you a visit. Hope you're doing great! Take Care!

~Mheldz said...

kamusta na ?? Si Shilo malaki na bila ,nkaka tayo na?? bilis ng panahon no?? Konti na lang may dalaga kna , tayo pla lols..


Lolli said...

halo Madz muzta!
hala uy kadako naman diay ni bebe Shiloh nimo madz kadali ra jud diay sa panahon noh?
ka kyut jud sa bebe noh? enjoy siya kaayo sa iyang mga toys ay.

laura said...

so cutie girl..

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