Surviving Without Soda

Yes I haven't been drinking soda for two months now. It was one of my new years resolution to curtail my soda consumption or anything that has too much caffeine. Everytime I go grocery shopping I will pass by the soda aisle and have a debate with myself if I buy or not. I guess the sensible side of me wins all the time because I am able to control myself from not getting one. And maybe the shelving situation thus help a bit. The coca cola shelf is on the very top and I will have a hard time getting it. It is a blessing in disguise. The effect, I feel my tummy is lighter and not bloated. I am not totally eliminating it for my entire life though. I will just make it sure not to have it all the time.



Ritchiela said...

That's a good resolution diay Bless,as for me I can't see not to fizzy drinks and tea.I always make sure I have a cup of tea each morning,tugnaw man gud pod oy!

Anah said...

Bless, good job. I hope I can eliminate soda sa akong diet pero naglisud ko hehe. I don't drink soda everyday (once or twice a week) pero mas oke jud na wala nay soda diba?

Anyway, goodluck nimo ug maayong udto diha.

Take care,


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