What's with the Tag?

This picture was taken when Shiloh was still 5 or 6 months old. She is nibbling the tag on her burp cloth. I don't know why she always nib on it. Everytime I give her toy or blankie she will look for the tag and put it in her mouth. Even her mat, quilt or clothes she will look for it and put it in her mouth. I cut some of it off cause I am afraid she will be able to rip it off and swallow it. One time we were tugging the cloth that she has because she's about to nib it. When I got it she cried. I hope she will outgrow it soon before she's hook into it.



Norm said...

Hello baby Shiloh! cute mo kisses for you. Hi to mommy bless, I got blog of the month award for you sis, just visit my creativity site if you have time..take care and happy weekend

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