Clickbooth a Publisher Affiliate Network

Even after I gave birth to my Darling Daughter I was still working and then we moved that prompted me to quit my job. Now being a stay at home Mom gives me more time to surf online and also look for something to boost our family's income. I also wanted to help out in our daily expenses. So I joined online advertising, blogging and also joined affiliate network that pays out good. I joined some affiliate network already and then I heard about this Clickbooth. I don't have any idea what is this all about but through my research I realized that this could really give an income generating opportunity.

So how does this work? Like other affiliate marketing it works by making an offer on certain campaigns and then you will get paid a certain amount. The more offer you make the more earnings you will get. Clickbooth also offer to the publishers other income generating method like referral. They pay $10 to every referral you make as well as receive 2% gross referral credit for life. I heard that they pay on time every 15th of the month and the payout should be $50 in a month before you receive your payment. If you want to be a Clickbooth affiliate, you can log on to their site and sign up. Since I am already sold out to their method of great earning potential, I will also join and become one of their affiliates.



Faizal said...

hi there,

cool and nice blog..

peter said...

Isn’t clickbooth is best? I was an online publisher, many companies didn’t work out for me, after I joined clickbooth, and it was so much easier for me. I don’t have to worry about not getting pay on time, or being scammed. I can see clickbooth had helped you out as well. It is always very nice to see someone that shares the same idea as me.

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