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My parents are already in their 70's and they always complain of foot pain. I think I need to give them these custom-made orthotic sandals so they can walk comfortably. I found this at OurHealthNetwork.com. They have this special shoe insert that gives relief to your aching feet. Read more of their press release here and visit their site for more information.

Press Release:

Unique Line of Custom-Made Orthotics (Shoe Inserts) for Sandals and Clogs Cater to Style-Minded Foot Pain Sufferers

Since 1999, OurHealthNetwork.com (http://www.OurHealthNetwork.com) has been the Internet's leading provider of custom-made foot orthotics (custom shoe inserts). The company’s team of board-certified podiatrists now introduces an exclusive line of more than two dozen different styles of custom orthotics that not only provide relief to those who suffer from foot pain, but also cater to their lifestyles and shoe styles. Now for the first time, OurHealthNetwork.com’s custom-made orthotics can be worn in open-toe sandals and clogs.

Traditionally custom-made orthotics are designed for shoes, and cannot be worn in sandals or clogs because they slide out. OurHealthNetwork.com’s unique process embeds a pair of orthotics directly inside a customer’s sandals or clogs. “Our customers can now enjoy the great ‘freedom-from-shoes feeling’ they get from sandals and clogs, while still benefiting from true custom-made orthotic therapy,” said Dr. Paul R. Kasdan, OurHealthNetwork.com's medical director.
Customers may choose to send their own sandals to OurHealthNetwork.com to be rebuilt with orthotic footbeds, or they can purchase both sandals and custom made orthotics from the company.

“What is unique about our orthotic line this year is our specialized customization and refurbishing process,” Dr. Kasdan explains. “Our process allows customers who have sandals they love to send them to us, and we'll seamlessly rebuild them with a custom-made orthotic footbed inside each sandal.” Because of this, customers are not limited to the selection of sandals that OurHealthNetwork.com stocks.

However the company does stock sandals made by Bite, a leading manufacturer of sports sandals that accommodate custom-made orthotics. Bite’s lightweight, durable sports sandals ensure comfort, support, and excellent shock-absorption. “The combination of Bite sandals and our doctor-designed custom-made sandal orthotics can’t be beat for an exceptionally comfortable walking experience at a very affordable price,” Dr. Kasdan said.

Having custom orthotic sandals made has never been so simple. The process begins when customers order a foam impression kit from OurHealthNetwork.com's secure Web site. The kit allows customers to make accurate molds of their feet – easily and cleanly – in a matter of minutes from the comfort of their own homes. The kit also includes a self-examination form that asks customers questions about their conditions, the pain they have, and the kinds of activities in which they normally participate.

A board-certified podiatrist reviews each kit and examination form returned. Within days, custom-made orthotic sandals – designed for each customer’s unique requirements, to relieve each customer’s unique foot problems – are made under the supervision of a foot doctor and rushed back to the customer.

To learn more about how runner's knee, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, heel pain, and other common medical conditions can be easily and conveniently treated from the comfort of one's own home with custom-made orthotics and orthotic sandals, visit http://www.OurHealthNetwork.com/CustomOrthotics/Orthoses_Sandals.asp



Bruce Watson said...

Hey All,

If you are looking for custom sandals please visit our site.


We bring the store to you. You choose from over 100 different uppers and 20 different soles to make your own custom design. We even fit them to your foot.

Larry Huppin, DPM said...

The sandals at ourhealthnetwork.com are quality products. But I would advise against getting any sort of custom orthotic via the internet. There are plenty of high quality prefabricated orthotics that will work in the sandals. Most run between $30 and $50. Don't spend more than that on custom orthotics without having an examination by a health professional experienced in orthotic therapy. A good podiatrist can make a device that is truly specific for a patient's specific biomechanics. Detailed information on how to find a quality local podiatrist can be found at http://footankle.com/index.html .

For detailed information, download the White Paper "Patients Guide to Orthotic Therapy" on the home page.

Larry Huppin, DPM

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