Pushing the Wagon

I used to put her in her walker but the thing is she can't make the walker's wheels to roll because we have a wall to wall carpeting in the apartment. So I only used the walker to put her in when I am doing something.

Then I got her this toy wagon where she can hold on and push. I got it when she was 9 months old but when she tried it at first she can't control herself to balance. If she holds on to it and give a little push it will roll and she will fall on her knees. I have to hold it as well to control it a little bit. Then one day I was just shocked when she was able to stand up by herself holding on to it and took a few steps without falling down. Now that she's 10 months old she can already balance herself and push the cart unaided. But I still watch her back in case she fall.



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