Salt Water Sandals

Spring is here and summer will be coming soon. It will be the best time to go to the beach and bask in the sun walking along the glaring, shining, pearly sand along the beach. We are planning to have another Hawaii vacation and I have to prepare for it. If you think of Hawaii beaches is what will come to your mind first. I love walking along the beach so I need a sandal that I can wear as well as hubby. I heard about Saltwater Sandals that is appropriate for beach walking. These are pure leather sandals that are safe even if you will wad in the salty sea water.

I remember the last time we were in Hawaii and walking along the Waikiki beach, I didn't like my shoes and I have to take it off when I soak my feet in the water. But these Saltwater Sandals you can still wear it to the ocean. No need of removing it. If you want one you can check out the website salt water sandal They have different colors and the price is affordable. 110% satisfaction guaranteed. If you buy it and you think it is not comfortable enough, you can return within 90 days and you will get your money back. I love the white one because you can pair it with any beach outfit or summer outfit you have.



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