Showbiz Buzz: Gabby Concepcion

This post is connected to my post below. This time it's about KC's father Gabby Conception. He is now in the Philippines and will be making a come back in the showbiz industry. He guested at the Buzz and seemed like everybody is still mesmerized by his charm. He is still very handsome. During the interview you can see that there is still sadness of what happened to him 13 years ago. But he said he moved on already and I didn't know that he became a Real Estate agent in California. It's a good thing that he made something of himself after he left Philippine showbiz. He was asked if he would like to have movies with his ex-wife, the Mega Star, Sharon Cuneta and daughter KC. He said that he would love too. I think his come back will still be good for him considering that he still have a lot of fans especially the Sharon-Gabby fans which until now is still alive.



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