Changing a Little Hyper

I am pretty sure that Mommies are also experiencing what I am going through everytime I change my little crawler. At her age from 7 months to date [11 months] it is very hard to change her. She roll over and got off my hold like a fish. I always struggle changing her diaper or changing her after bath.

When she was 7 months I can still hold her still but lately I can't hold her tightly or else I will break something. Although she know when to bring her arms up to slip on the sleeves but she keeps moving and rolling. I am not using the changing table anymore because I am afraid she will fall. I change her in the bed. I do all in my power to destruct her from moving. I found out that if I sing to her I can get her attention. But I have to sing non-stop and as much as possible an action song so she will look at me. Since baby's attention span is not that long I have to hurry in putting on her clothes. Everything is ready before I give her a bath so I can change her fast.

After I changed her I really felt the exhaustion plus backache because I have to stoop down and sometimes reach out for her on the other side of the bed. I told hubby about it and he just teased me. If he's here doing it sure he will "oh what a handful" :-)



danadebbie said...

i agree, its very exhausting to take care of a baby! but......its very rewarding too!

visiting u here :)

geri said...

Bless, singing is also what works for Evan, it got better as he got older because he likes to listen to the songs. Plus, we get better at it. Can you change a diaper without taking their pants off? I can :) I learned that from Evan's first daycare. I'm telling you we mommies will be learning new tricks too :)

Merydith said...

I hear ya Bless. Mabuhian gani na nako si Frankie sos dalia makapalayo unya ka kiat ra ba. Tagaan nako siya ug toy while changing him para dili maglihok. Ma ok ra man sad pero usahay mo bangon pa jud.

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