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Deciding to become a stay-at-home Mom [SAHM] is very difficult. Now that we are in economic crisis, having only one person bring home the bacon for the entire family is not enough. I am used to working and helping share with finances it is hard for me to stop working. I was playing tug of war before opting to tend to our Darling Daughter by myself or go to work and put her in day care. The deciding factor of me staying at home aside from wanting to personally care for my daughter is my husband's deployment to Iraq. It will be hard for me to juggle work, caring for a little baby and thinking of hubby away from us.

So now that I am staying at home I still want to be proactive and do something that can help my family financially. I was introduced to paid blogging and joined then I see a good residual income. I was very reluctant of joining before thinking I cannot do it. But then I was able to managed it. I am even more excited now because I got an invitation to join SocialSpark. I have been reading about it but did not really know how it works. After signing up to the site I feel very special.


Because this is another medium for a SAHM like me to boost our income. Hurray! So to elaborate a little bit, SocialSpark is a combination of social networking and paid blogging/blog sponsoring site. A very mommy-friendly site that is heaven sent. The site is very functional and fun. It has all the perks you haven't imagine in your blogging life. You can meet other mommies or gather more friends by inviting them, create profile and manage it, send hi's and hello's, and even gather your site demographics and social ranks.

Since they are still running on alpha joining is still an invite-only. I am one of the lucky testers to help them spread the word. For the time being they have a mailing list you can sign up with. Once they are already in public beta, it will be easy for you to join.

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