Grocery Shopping

I went out for grocery shopping today. I was planning to go out in the morning but I was caught up with a lot of things. Hubby called around 10am and he said he will be online. After we talked online he called me again twice. We finished talking after 2pm. Then I called my cousin in UK. While talking to her I changed our DD and I prepared myself too. Then when I open SS, it was raining with opp. So I tried to do some and then I decided to go because I have to get some food for our DD. If I stay too long in the computer I may forget the time. It was a good thing that the rain showers stopped and the sun came out so even if it was already passed 4pm when we went to Walmart it was still very light.

At Walmart I went to pick up fruits and veggies. I was trying to as much as possible pick up organic produce but Walmart don't have much of the stuff that I need. So I ended up buying mixed organic and non-organic fruits and veggies. For our DD's food, she is drinking organic milk already and I still bought some of the organic baby food from Mother's Best. When Julia Roberts was interviewed yesterday at Oprah she said that she is giving her 9 month old baby Mother's Best baby food in a jar as well as food that she cooked.

Next time when I go out shopping I need to list down those that I need so I can plan which store I will go that has more selection of organic food.



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