Mommy Talk

I was able to talk to my Mom for an hour today. I told her that our DD fell yesterday and she was worried too. I was able to share to her my fears of raising a child. And I told her that I now realize what she had been through when they're raising us. We are 7 and my parents were able to raise us well. I can say that they are very great parents. Even if we are not blessed with material things and we struggle financially, I am proud that all of us have the education that they wanted for us to have.

Before I have a hard time sharing to my Mom my fears but now that I became a mother it is very easy. I think it will take a child to understand a Mom. I understand more my Mom now how she disciplined us and how she nags us before if we get home late or they won't permit us to go anywhere. I also feel the same way when I think of the time when our DD grows up. I can definitely say that motherhood definitely is also a payback to our mothers.



JeFF & NoVa said...

bless musta na?

i hope your DD is okay now....

happy tuesday

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