Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center

I am a nature lover person. When I was in college I joined groups that care for nature. Having a degree in Biology we studied ecology, botany, zoology and biology. These opened my eyes to biodiversity and ecological conservation. I remember we went to natural rain forests, coral reef sanctuaries, mangrove forests, all types of ecological areas found in the Philippines and compare it's ecological diversity. Mother earth has a lot to offer and seeing its natural beauty is very moving. As today is earth day I can say that we need to take care of it and protect it.

Now that I am here in the US if I will have the chance, I would love to visit the rich natural gardens and ecological areas. One of them that I wanted to go to is Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center. This is located in Orange, Texas. Just browsing through its website and looking at the photos in the gallery made me crave for the real place. This is the best place to rekindle your love for nature. It is an eco-friendly place with different species of flora and fauna.

Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center offers a lot of things to do for everyone. This is not only a place to commune with nature but also a place for educating everyone, kids and adults alike. They have programs that cater educational opportunities for teachers, students, and the general public. It is also the best destination for summer camp workshops. There are so much to learn and facilitators can share about conservation and taking care of the environment and the species that live in it. This month as we celebrate Earth Week is a good time to check it out. And another event to look forward at Shangri La is the Orchid Festival in November.



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