Reality TV Show Update

I wasn't able to watch closely the American Idol since I was hooked in watching the Biggest Loser Finale. It is very amazing how the contestants became so slim after 16 weeks of training inside the ranch. The Biggest Loser this season is a female, Ali. She is also the first female to win the said reality show. It is very inspiring and life changing that what they do I know a lot of people can do too.

For the American Idol, David Cook has the best edge among the contestants. I am still rooting also with Carly Smithson. She look slimmer to me with her dress last night. All the girls looked gorgeous and they are very lucky to be mentored by the sultry Mariah Carey. I think she will sing tonight for the AI result.

The Dancing with the Stars, the one voted out was Priscila Presley. Every week the celebrity contestants are getting better and better with their dance executions. I am still rooting with Kristi, Jason and Christian.



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