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I am thinking how can I spread my blog updates to my dear valued readers. I know there are lots of services that will enable you to give your blog readers update of what's new in your blog but I want a service that everything is incorporated already. A no hassle service that connects me constantly to my friends in the blogsphere. Then I learned about Zookoda with IZEA. You may wonder what is this service? I am still trying to learn this but I can give you a little bit overview.

Zookoda is designed for bloggers, like myself, to drive traffic to our websites or blogs through emails. Yes, directly to our valued reader's email inbox. An email marketing that will greatly help you in maximizing your blog traffic. It enables you to send a daily, weekly or even monthly summaries of your latest blog updates. Its features includes, managing email newsletter subscribers, you can enhance your blog by putting in a customized newsletter subscription forms or even pick out a ready-made ones, you can design a very catchy design to match your blog design, you can schedule how frequent you can send your newsletters, view real-time open, bounce, click and unsubscribe reports and you can even access mobile users by emailing blog content through text.

Apart from all features I have mentioned above, they are making sure that email subscription is verified and complied with the standards and laws against spamming. So the subscribers should not be concerned with spamming. You can also trust the online editor which allows easy editing of our blog posts. I already signed up with Zookoda and now in the process of learning more its usage that I believe is very cool and handy. And the best thing about this service? It is FREE! Yay, a useful and great free service. I am loving this!
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