Shiloh @ 11 Months Old

Taken yesterday before I gave her dinner. She is still our tiny one :-) She is now getting feisty when she can't get her way. I think it's her way of telling me what she wants and won't. She have a lot of milestones too even if I am very much with her slow weight gain. She is below average with weight but the Pedia said that she may get her small stature from Mommy. I am very tiny too :-)



Babette said...

She is sooo cute! ang sarap halikan ni Shiloh. I miss those days when my kids were small. It's a lot of work nga lang pero it is worth it. :)
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Raquel said...

Slim jud diay si Shiloh mads. Gagmay iyang bukton pero sagdi lang healthy man, mao ra ng importante. Unsaon manang tambok kung masakiton, he-he. I like her dress mads.

Analyse said...

oh wow. pretty shiloh. you've got to post pictures more often. i was really surprised to see her this big hehe..

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