Advice Nurse

One of the things that I really like in the healthcare system in Military is having an on call advice nurse. If you have any health questions or concerns that are not emergency in nature, you can opt to call for the advice nurse if you can't contact provider. This is what I did this morning.

I mentioned in my previous posts that our DD has her 12 month check up as well as vaccination. Then she had a low grade fever resulting to the immunization. When you read the paperworks that they handed to you after the visit, reading the effects of the vaccine and all you can't really help but also have some concerns.

So I called the advice nurse and just clarified the nagging thoughts in my mind of what to do and ask about when I should give medications and if I have to stop giving her prescription supplement and vitamins since I am giving her the fever medicine, these kind of questions which I already knew but I just wanted to clarify before doing so.

I can really say that being a first time Mom and living in this foreign land is a very big challenge for me. Now that I am alone, if our DD is not feeling well, I get worried that I need to double check everything I need to do with her :-) I am glad that I am able to call somebody if in case I need to verify some things.



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